Super World Records (SWR)

Greetings from Super World Records

“A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected.”

The sole reason for starting the Super World Records is to pat on the back of those who have done something extraordinary and showcased their capacities to the society. SWR tries to make them instrument in inspiring the others living in India or abroad to try for the same and develop the capacity building in their respective fields.

The India Foundation Trust is Non-Profit Organization registered as Charitable Trust while registration number established with the sole aim of helping the Indian Record Holders & Special Achiever people who have been blessed by the almighty with the skills if identified they can go ahead and can shift the paradigm of society with their makeable presence.

To recognize, appreciate and showcase the hidden talent of the society.

To make the society aware of the talented and skilled people with apt recognition and appreciation.

Super World Records

God has created Everyone unique and Everyone has their own strengths. This is God’s DIVINELY DESIGN. We should appreciate and accept the strengths of the individuals and work on their strengths.

Super World Records (SWR) has been formed with a motive to help all people who have extraordinary talent, to exhibit their talent and let know the world of their talent – irrespective of rich or poor, VIP or a common man. SWR help them showcase their talent and nothing else matters. Many of us have a dream to achieve something extraordinary and develop our talents towards realizing our goals. However, these extraordinary talents, most of the times, is never known to the world as it is never exhibited.

Super World Records (SWR) has been formed to identify such obscure talents and help them display their talents to the World and help them get their much deserved recognition as an ACHIEVER in the society.

Money should not be an impeding factor for display of talents nor the lack of support – the demons I faced during my early years of life.

God opens a door, always, for all the deserved. Super World Records (SWR) is the door to Achievement, Glory & Recognition.

Aim High. Think Big. Do Good is the motto of Super World Records (SWR).